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The 15 Largest Lakes in Africa

The 15 Largest Lakes in Africa

Africa simply isn’t solely home to jungles, savannas, deserts, and rich wildlife endemic to the continent. It moreover boasts a big assortment of lakes, and an important of them ranks as a result of the second-largest freshwater lake in all of the world. If North America has the Good Lakes, Africa moreover has its mannequin of deep lakes which may not be as large as a result of the North American Good Lakes nevertheless are completely as magnificent. Nevertheless apart from that, there are numerous totally different lakes throughout the area that lie undiscovered. This article will uncover 15 of an important lakes in Africa, ranked from largest to smallest.

The 15 Largest Lakes in Africa

1. Lake Victoria, Uganda/Kenya/Tanzania

With a ground area of 23,146 sq. miles, Lake Victoria is an important lake in Africa.

Stefan Haider/

Lake Victoria sits as an important lake throughout the African continent. It encompasses a ground area of 23,146 sq mi or 59,947 sq km. Defending this large home, the lake may be the world’s largest tropical lake. It seconds Lake Superior’s dimension when it comes to an important freshwater lakes on this planet. The lake receives most of its water from rainfall with only one outlet by the use of the Nile River. It was named after Queen Victoria by explorer John Hanning Speke, the first man to doc the lake in 1858. With a amount of two,424 cubic kilometers and a most depth of 276 toes or 84 meters, Lake Victoria holds the ninth spot as an important lake on this planet by amount. It touches three African nations, significantly Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. Due to its dimension and in depth shoreline, along with islands claiming 3.7% of its full shoreline, the lake hosts numerous fish species endemic to the realm. Some fish that solely inhabit Lake Victoria embody cichlids, Nile perch, and further.

2. Lake Tanganyika, Tanzania/Democratic Republic of the Congo/Burundi/Zambia

Lake Tanganyika is the second-largest lake in Africa.

Naoki Kakuta/

Crossing 4 African nations, significantly, Tanzania, Zambia, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Lake Tanganyika is the second-largest lake throughout the continent and the second deepest lake on this planet, subsequent to Russia‘s Lake Baikal. The lake covers a whole ground area of 12,700 sq mi or 32,900 sq km. Lake Tanganyika has a 1,136 mi or 1,828 km shoreline, making it the longest freshwater lake globally. With a most depth of 4,826 toes or 1,471 meters, it appears to be further like a strait from afar and a trench inside. Other than all the titles it already holds, Lake Tanganyika may be one in all many oldest lakes, estimated at 10 million years outdated. There are decrease than 20 historic lakes globally, and the lake’s age makes it one amongst them. Whatever the lake’s exceptionally prolonged and slim geography, it amazingly provides a home to about 18% of the world’s freshwater fish and totally different marine animals, along with sponges, sardines, and jellyfish which may be solely found throughout the lake. The lake’s rich biodiversity feeds roughly 10 million people settling spherical Lake Tanganyika.

3. Lake Malawi, Mozambique/Tanzania

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With a depth of 2316 toes, Lake Malawi is the sixth deepest lake on this planet.

Scott Biales DitchTheMap/

Generally called Lake Nyasa, Lake Malawi covers 11,400 sq mi or 29,600 sq km. Like Lake Tanganyika, it’s a prolonged and slim lake with deep depths. Measuring a depth of two,316 toes or 706 meters, Lake Tanganyika ranks as a result of the world’s sixth deepest lake. It’s additionally an outdated lake, usual 1-2 million years up to now. This trench-like lake extends all through two African nations – Mozambique and Tanzania. Whatever the lake’s depth, it sports activities actions crystal-clear waters with most underwater visibility of 20 meters on a cloudless day. Lake Malawi shares many choices with Lake Tanganyika, nevertheless apart from their geographical similarities, Lake Malawi moreover hosts an awfully appreciable ecosystem the place lots of of fish species are found. About 15% of the Earth’s freshwater marine species inhabit the lake.

4. Lake Turkana, Kenya

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Lake Turkana is the world’s largest alkaline lake.


Beforehand usually generally known as Lake Rudolf, Lake Turkana is located throughout the Kenyan Rift Valley in Kenya and crosses into Ethiopia at its northern end. Lake Turkana has a whole ground area of two,473 sq mi or 6,405 sq km, making it the world’s largest eternal desert lake and the world’s largest alkaline lake. It’s nicknamed the “Jade Sea” resulting from its stunning turquoise shade. As a desert lake and an alkaline lake, Lake Turkana is normally shallow and salty on account of its extreme focus of dissolved salt minerals. Lake Turkana moreover holds the amount 4 spot on an important salt lakes on this planet by water amount. Whereas the waters in Lake Turkana have usually been used as consuming water, their salinity diploma and extreme fluoride ranges make it unsuitable. No matter Lake Turkana’s salinity, it’s nonetheless home to many fish species and totally different land animals like crocodiles, hippos, and an entire bunch of fowl species endemic to Kenya. Lake Turkana moreover has its species of mud turtle that may not be found anyplace else on this planet.

5. Lake Rukwa, Tanzania

The 15 Largest Lakes in Africa - May 30, 2022
By ground area, Lake Rukwa is the fifth largest lake in Africa.

Lichinga / Creative Commons – License

Encompassing 2,220 sq mi or 5,760 sq km, Lake Rukwa is the fifth largest lake in Africa by ground area. However, Lake Rukwa’s dimension sometimes varies, making it change and change positions with Lake Albert throughout the continent’s largest lakes guidelines. Positioned in Tanzania, the lake sometimes experiences fluctuations in ground dimension because of the numerous inflow of seasonal streams, the lake’s main provide of water. In 2016, 1.53 billion cubic meters or 54.2 billion cubic toes of helium gas was present in Lake Rukwa.

6. Lake Albert, Uganda/the Democratic Republic of the Congo

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The sixth largest lake in Africa is Lake Albert. Bunt

Lake Albert doesn’t have a great deal of vacationers visiting its area because of the steep mountains surrounding it. However, these resilient and devoted enough to come back again by the use of shall be rewarded by a formidable sight. Encompassing a ground area of two,046 sq mi or 5,300 sq km, Lake Albert ranks as a result of the sixth largest lake in Africa. Beforehand usually generally known as Lake Mwitanzige and Lake Mobutu Sese Seko, one amongst Uganda’s largest Good Lakes is located between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The lake is probably going one of the vital essential sources of the White Nile River waters. Lake Albert’s 82-feet-deep basin is relatively shallow as compared with totally different African lakes, with its deepest degree lying at 167 toes down. 

7. Lake Mweru, Zambia/the Democratic Republic of the Congo

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Lake Mweru is known for its longfin tilapia.

Makandwe Mwape / Creative Commons – License

Defending a ground area of 1,976 sq mi or 5,120 sq km, Lake Mweru is one amongst Africa’s largest lakes. It’s located on the border that separates Zambia and the Republic of Congo. The Luapula River primarily feeds Lake Mweru by means of swamps coming from the south. Subsequent to Lake Albert, it’s the second-largest lake touching Congo and is situated 93 miles west of the big Lake Tanganyika. The lake hosts quite a few fishing villages. There are three inhabited islands contained in the lake, which moreover current further options for fishing. Lake Mweru is well-known for its longfin tilapia, a most well-liked merchandise throughout the nation’s markets. Totally different species of fish which may be caught throughout the lake embody catfish, elephant fish, carp, and tigerfish.

8. Lake Kivu, Rwanda/Democratic Republic of the Congo

1653957094 28 The 15 Largest Lakes in Africa - May 30, 2022
Though it’s precise ground area is hard to measure, Lake Kivu is estimated to cowl 1040 sq. miles.

Lake Kivu borders Congo and Rwanda in Africa. Due to its irregular kind, its precise ground area is troublesome to measure. Nonetheless, it’s estimated to cowl roughly 1,040 sq mi or 2,700 sq km, making it the continent’s eighth largest lake. With a most depth of 722 toes or 220 meters, it’s the nineteenth deepest lake in all of the world. It’s situated on a rift valley slowly being pulled apart, resulting in volcanic train throughout the lake’s basin.

9. Lake Edward, Uganda

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Lake Edward is probably going one of many smallest African Good Lakes and the ninth largest in Africa.

Arnold Mugasha/

Defending a ground area of 897 sq mi or 2,325 sq km, Lake Edward makes it to the very best ten largest lakes in Africa nevertheless one in all many smallest among the many many African Good Lakes. It’s one different lake that sits between Uganda and Congo. 5 rivers feed the lake, which lies at 3,020 toes or 920 meters. The lake’s area has confirmed proof of volcanic actions for lots of of years. It’s home to fish species and land animals, along with chimpanzees, elephants, crocodiles, and lions.

10. Lake Tana, Ethiopia

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Lake Tana sits at an elevation of 5,866 toes. undefined

Reigning as an important lake in Ethiopia, Lake Tana may be the provision of Blue Nile waters. Its ground area expands to 832 sq mi or 2,156 sq km. Because it’s located throughout the Ethiopian Highlands, the lake sits at an elevation of 5,866 toes or 1,788 meters above sea diploma. In 2015, the lake was acknowledged internationally for its pure and cultural significance.

Listed beneath are the runner-ups throughout the guidelines of an important lakes in Africa:

11. Lake Kyoga – 644 sq mi or 1,720 sq km

1653957094 674 The 15 Largest Lakes in Africa - May 30, 2022

Joanne Mumbey ( / Creative Commons – License

12. Lake Chad – 521 sq mi or 1,350 sq km

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13. Abaya Lake – 448 sq mi or 1,162 sq km

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Rod Waddington / flickr – License

14. Lake Eyasi – 405 sq mi or 1,050 sq km

1653957094 772 The 15 Largest Lakes in Africa - May 30, 2022

Gabor Kovacs Photos/

15. Lake Natron – 401 sq mi or 1,040 sq km

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