no. 7. The ‘Elephant’. Also referred to as: The ‘Carousel’. Method:

no. 7. The ‘Elephant’. Also referred to as: The ‘Carousel’. Method:

She appears in the sleep and also you kneel right in front of her. Together with her legs either part of one’s legs, she puts her arms on your own arms and gently reduces herself down onto you.

After your shaft gets in her, she can put her feet around yours and help by herself along with her fingers around your neck. You support her by wrapping your hands around her back.


Into the standard ‘Elephant’ position, she wraps her feet around yours which means you cannot settle-back on your own heels. One variation will be have her put her feet around your buttocks or back. This provides you a larger flexibility and enables you to thrust more forcibly into her.


  • This face-to-face place will satisfy your woman’s cravings for attention contact and love.
  • The ‘Elephant’ will provide her amazing A-spot (anterior fornix) stimulation as your shaft will strike the front wall of her vagina, simply while watching throat of her womb.
  • You’ll enjoy deep penetration and she’ll love the intense P-spot (posterior fornix) stimulation as the shaft strikes the reduced arch regarding the throat of her womb, also understood therefore the ‘deep spot’.
  • Besides kissing her lips and neck, you may want to fondle and kiss her breasts, and easily fondle her buttocks whilst in this place.


  • As her feet are going to be covered you have to be careful about leaning back and trapping her legs during the throes of ecstasy around yours. Her wrap her legs behind your buttocks or lower back to avoid this as we mentioned above firm big boobs, one variation is to have.
  • That is a position that is physically demanding requires core human anatomy power. If the stamina is not great, you might be exhausted very long before she actually is happy!

#8. The ‘Disco’

Also referred to as: The ‘Dance of Love’.


She appears upright along with her legs apart that is shoulder-width. You stand facing her together with your legs together. Slightly fold your knees until they’ve been between her feet. Put the hands on her behalf sides or thighs that are outer look straight into her eyes. While you enter her along with your shaft, pull her nearer to you.


If you’re much taller than your lover, decide to try tilting right back against a wall surface to pay when it comes to height distinction. Keep your spine in contact with all the wall surface as you thrust together with your sides.


  • When you yourself haven’t tried making love standing up before, you’re set for a genuine treat! This face-to-face, standing place is actually amazing for clitoral stimulation offered the method in which the beds base of the shaft is positioned in constant connection with her body.
  • This place is a medium-level of trouble and permits you both to be similarly active.
  • The ‘Disco’ place is amazing for heightening degrees of relationship. It is possible to gaze into each other’s eyes, kiss, hug, cuddle and caress each other.
  • This place is among the most readily useful how to offer her strong clitoral stimulation without expending energy that is too much.


  • Into the ‘Disco’ place, just superficial penetration is achievable. This may feel amazing on her behalf but may keep you feeling unhappy if you want deep thrusting.
  • If a person or you both are obese, or if you’re perhaps not especially well endowed, the mechanics of the place may signify the penetration is extremely superficial.
  • This position will be challenging if there is a big height difference. Take to tilting right straight back against a wall surface to pay because of this. See ‘Variation’ above.

#9. The ‘Amazon’


Lie on your own back and pull your knees as much as your upper body. She appears over you along with her foot either part of one’s feet. She crouches down and mounts your shaft. While you begin to have intercourse, she kneels down and pushes her foot as well as together. You grab her legs while she is supported by her fat in your upper body.


  • This face-to-face, woman-on-top place resembles the cowgirl however your raised feet mean that she’ll get excellent a-spot and g-spot stimulation.
  • The ‘Amazon’ provides penetration that is deep placing her in control of the level and speed associated with the action.
  • She’ll end up being the active partner and thus it is possible to just take pleasure in the pleasure!
  • This place allows you to stimulate her breasts easily, clitoris, and vulva, increasing her satisfaction.


  • You’ll need good strength and flexibility to carry your knees in this place for almost any amount of time. She will help by putting her arms on your own shins in the place of on the torso.
  • You will find your self rolling ahead as she rides you. To prevent this, try putting a cushion that is small pillow under your spine.
  • Because of the place of the woman’s vagina than normal as she rides you, your shaft will be angled further away from you. This could easily ensure it is harder to climax. Perhaps, this can be an benefit in the event that you suffer with untimely ejaculation.

#10. The ‘Criss-Cross’

Also referred to as: The ‘Ecstasy’.


Lie in your as well as somewhat fold your knees without increasing the feet. She stands perpendicular to you personally (facing to your right or side that is left and slowly lowers herself on your shaft. While you begin to have intercourse, she leans as well as supports her weight on the hands. Forward you can help support her with one hand placed under her back as she moves her legs. Your free hand can caress her legs, crotch or breasts.


The ‘Criss-Cross’ calls for her to lean right back sexily. Nonetheless, she will remain upright and help her weight by putting her fingers on your own torso and feet.


  • This place provides a-spot that is incredible G-spot stimulation on her.
  • You take advantage of deep penetration, while the lady stays active.
  • Both hands stay liberated to fondle her breasts or stimulate her clitoris during intercourse.


  • She’ll be supporting her upper-body on her behalf arms that are outstretched. This might wear her away before she seems completely pleased. Try going to a different position such as the ‘Cowgirl’ that does not have this drawback.
  • The ‘Criss-Cross’ provides much much deeper penetration than spooning but it really isn’t as relaxing.

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